Gillian Weston

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Sex is an important factor in the response to ischemic insults in both the laboratory and the clinic. Inflammation and cell death are points where sex-specific pathways diverge in stroke, and serum estrogen level status affect the response to inflammation. The cytokine macrophage migration inhibitory factor (MIF) is detrimental in experimental stroke models(More)
Social isolation (SI) is increasingly recognized as a risk factor for stroke. Individuals with lack of social support systems have an increased incidence of stroke, poorer recovery, and greater functional decline after injury compared to individuals with social support. Attesting to the importance of social factors in stroke outcome is that these same(More)
BACKGROUND Men have a higher stroke incidence compared to women until advanced age. The contribution of hormones to these sex differences has been extensively debated. In experimental stroke, estradiol is neuroprotective, whereas androgens are detrimental. However, prior studies have only examined the effects of acute treatment paradigms; therefore, the(More)
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