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BACKGROUND Antibiotic prescribing by general practitioners (GPs) increased in the 1980s and peaked in 1995. Prescribing volumes subsequently fell by over a quarter between 1995 and 2000, mostly accounted for by reduced antibiotic prescribing for acute respiratory illnesses. We aimed to investigate changes in consultation rates and the proportion of(More)
Greater patient involvement has become a key goal of health care provision. This study explored the way in which general practitioners (GPs) in the UK manage the dual responsibilities of treating individual patients and making the most equitable use of National Health Service (NHS) resources in the context of the policy of greater patient involvement in(More)
This study examined psychosocial correlates of health literacy (HL) scores among older patients with coronary heart disease (CHD). A cross-sectional survey assessed psychosocial factors relating to the following: self-efficacy (i.e., perception of ability to perform a specified behavior) for diet, exercise, medication, and for a future attempt to quit(More)
OBJECTIVE The newest vital sign assesses individual reading and numeracy skills. The aim of this study was to create a Dutch version (NVS-D) and to assess its feasibility, reliability, and validity in The Netherlands. METHODS We performed a qualitative study among experts (n=27) and patients (n=30) to develop the NVS-D and to assess its feasibility. For(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the published literature on the effects of complex (multi-faceted) interventions intended to improve the health-related outcomes of individuals with limited literacy or numeracy. METHODS We undertook a systematic review of randomized and quasi-randomized controlled trials with a narrative synthesis. The search strategy included(More)
This review seeks to determine the prevalence of correctable visual impairment (VI) in older people in the UK, to discover what proportion of these cases are undetected, to suggest reasons for the poor detection and to make recommendations for improving the detection. To establish the context of these issues, the review will also touch on the general(More)
BACKGROUND The Randomised Controlled Trial (RCT) is recognised as the 'gold standard' in quantitative research. However RCTs testing health care interventions can be difficult to design and implement. Health care interventions are often complex in themselves and are always applied in complex settings. Such interventions require a process of careful(More)
BACKGROUND Ethnicity is an important dimension in many aspects of psychosis. OBJECTIVE To investigate ethnic differences in the primary care management of patients with psychosis. METHODS Data were obtained from Lambeth DataNet, a database of computerized general practice case records derived from practices in an inner city London borough. We undertook(More)
OBJECTIVES To identify patients with ischaemic heart disease by using a practice computer and to estimate the work required to do so. DESIGN Cross sectional study. Data from the notes and from the computer records of 1680 patients were used to build a database. This was used to compare different methods of identifying patients with ischaemic heart(More)
We aimed to study the relationship between the prescribing of lipid-lowering medication, social deprivation and other general practice characteristics. We conducted a cross-sectional survey of all general practices in England, 2004-05. For each practice, the following variables were obtained: standardized cost and volume data for lipid-lowering medication,(More)