Gillian Oliver

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The open government paradigm relies on the provision and reuse of open government data (OGD) to improve transparency and create new sources of value. This study aims to progress understanding of OGD beyond a theoretical commentary by exploring the perceived sources of value of mashups (online services that combine diverse OGD), and to examine issues that(More)
This study took place within the context of a larger project seeking to identify the factors that are associated with the acceptance and use of electronic recordkeeping systems in public sector organizations. This class of system relies on ordinary end-users to choose to select and file appropriate records into the system in order to comply with(More)
—The purpose of this paper is to promote the notion of " information culture " as an integral component of the education for digital curation professionals. Understanding the context in which digital artefacts are created and used is essential for their meaning to be knowable, communicable, and preservable over time. Human beings' attitudes towards(More)
—This paper looks into the current tertiary and vocational offering in the domain of digital curation in two small countries, Malta and New Zealand. It illustrates how the specifics of local memory institutions and digital media sector influence the existing course, and identifies areas which can be improved. Particular emphasis in both countries needs to(More)