Gillian May Wilson

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To avoid many of the disadvantages of the traditional clinical examination we have introduced the structured clinical examination. In this students rotate round a series of stations in the hospital ward. At one station they are asked to carry out a procedure, such as take a history, undertake one aspect of physical examination, or interpret laboratory(More)
Subjective methods are widely used to determine whether audio and video quality in networked multimedia applications is sufficient. Recent findings suggest that, due to contextual factors, users often accept levels of media quality known to be below the threshold required for such tasks. Therefore, we propose the use of physiological methods to assess the(More)
The research by Scheirer et al. (2002) is pivotal in promoting the use of psychophysiological measures in HCI. We argue that rather than inferring users’ emotional states from the data, which is difficult to do reliably, the signals can be used as an indicator of user cost by monitoring changes in users’ physiological responses. We applied this approach by(More)
Low-cost multimedia conferencing (MMC) is increasing in popularity, but it is often questioned whether the quality of the audio and video provided is usable. Traditionally, subjective methods have been employed to assess this. However, recent findings suggest that subjective ratings, which are cognitively mediated, may not reliably detect the impact of(More)
The number of networked multimedia applications is increasing, therefore users' quality requirements need to be clearly specified. At present, subjective assessment is used to do this, however it has drawbacks when used in isolation. Therefore, this research approach is utilising physiological indicators of stress to measure the impact of media quality on(More)
Despite the bewildering number of diuretics available to the physician, these drugs can be divided into 4 main groups, characterised by their site of action on sodium reabsorption in the kidney. Drugs acting on the ascending limb of the loop of Henle have a powerful but short acting diuretic effect; they include frusemide, ethacrynic acid and bumetanide.(More)
Subjective methods are widely used to evaluate Multimedia Conferencing quality, yet when used in isolation the results can be misleading. Therefore, this research is measuring physiological indicators of stress (GSR, HR & BVP) as an indicator of the user cost of the reception quality of a multimedia conference. These measurements are taken as part of a(More)
Evidence on magnetic resonance (MR) images of disk degeneration and herniation, as well as of cord and root impingement, may be regarded either as normal, age-related changes or as causative of symptoms. Individuals referred for MR examinations of the larynx without symptoms referable to the cervical spine were studied retrospectively (35 patients) or(More)