Gillian Mathews

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BACKGROUND Parenting and pregnancy in the context of drug use is a contentious topic, high on the policy agenda. Providing effective support to parents who are opioid dependent, through early intervention, access to drug treatment and parenting skills training, is a priority. However, little is known about opioid dependent parents' experiences and(More)
Parenting and family support are key prevention and intervention strategies for improving outcomes for children and families affected by parental drug misuse. However, little is known about the delivery of parenting support for drug-dependent parents, particularly within universal healthcare services. This study aimed to explore the way healthcare(More)
This work argues that the hypotheses underlying U.N. population projections are unrealistic and fail to anticipate major trends, so that projections beyond a relatively short span of time are likely to be inflated. Projections are dependent on their basic hypotheses and are of value to the extent that the hypotheses are well chosen. The U.N. medium(More)
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