Gillian Mandich

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A review of the convulsive seizures of 153 alcoholics is followed by a proposed classification with the aim of defining more precisely the pattern of so-called alcoholic epilepsy and distinguishing it from the other alcohol-related seizures (due to sudden changes in alcohol intake: convulsive inebriation or alcohol withdrawal seizures) and seizures in which(More)
PURPOSE The Healthy Vending Machine Pilot Project (HVMPP) was a public health initiative intended to create a healthier school nutrition environment by making healthier snacks available in vending machines, while maintaining a profit margin. The HVMPP was evaluated using quantitative and qualitative measures. METHODS Vending machines were stocked with(More)
PURPOSE The Healthy Eating Champions Award for Elementary Schools (HEC) is a public health initiative that recognizes and rewards schools for their outstanding commitment to the promotion of nutrition, for nutrition education, and for making healthy foods and beverages available. This process evaluation assessed HEC implementation, identified benefits and(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess the physical activity and sedentary behaviors of a sample of Latino children in London, Ontario, Canada. METHODS Seventy-four Latino children (54.1% male; mean age = 11.4) completed self-report questionnaires related to physical activity and sedentary behaviors. A subset of children (n = 64) wore Actical (Mini Mitter, Respironics)(More)
Hereditary essential chin myoclonus (HECM) is a rare movement disorder characterised by involuntary and irregular twitches of the chin. It can be considered a benign, focal variant of hereditary essential myoclonus. We studied two families that had several members suffering from HECM. Both families showed an autosomal dominant transmission with incomplete(More)
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