Gillian M White

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Retrospective review of records of 26 patients with nonunion of the humeral shaft revealed several factors frequently associated with the development of nonunion. The fractures were transverse and short oblique and treated per primam with hanging casts or open reduction. Surgical fixation was unstable. The types of nonunion were atrophic in 19 patients,(More)
Renal sonography is frequently requested in patients with an elevated or rising creatinine, often with the instruction to "rule out obstruction." A prospective study of patients undergoing renal sonography for newly discovered azotemia (creatinine greater than 1.8 mg/dl) or worsening renal failure was undertaken to evaluate the clinical utility of the(More)
Ninety-two fractures of the femoral shaft in eighty-five patients were followed after treatment with the Brooker-Wills distal locking intramedullary nail. Twenty-one (22.8 per cent) of the fractures were open and seventy-one (77.2 per cent) were closed; 84.8 per cent of the fractures were comminuted. All but one fracture united, in a mean time of 4.4(More)
Palmar subluxation of the abductor pollicis longus and extensor pollicis brevis tendons developed in a 50-year-old woman after total excision of the first dorsal compartment sheath for de Quervain's disease. Conservative therapy did not improve her symptoms and surgical reconstruction of the first dorsal compartment from a slip of extensor retinaculum was(More)