Gillian M. Phillips

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Macrophages have an important role in the maintenance of tissue homeostasis. To perform this function, macrophages must have the capacity to monitor the functional states of their 'client cells': namely, the parenchymal cells in the various tissues in which macrophages reside. Tumours exhibit many features of abnormally developed organs, including tissue(More)
BACKGROUND Traditionally, acupuncturists manipulate needles to enhance sensations referred to as de qi or 'acupuncture needle sensation'. Acupuncture needle sensations are complex and quantifying the experience has been difficult. The aim of this crossover study was to measure self-reported needle sensation during deep and bi-directional rotated needling in(More)
The dearth of new antibiotics in the face of widespread antimicrobial resistance makes developing innovative strategies for discovering new antibiotics critical for the future management of infectious disease. Understanding the genetics and evolution of antibiotic producers will help guide the discovery and bioengineering of novel antibiotics. We discovered(More)
Paragonimus spp. are parasites that infect many populations worldwide. It is predicted that infection rates within Asia reach ten to fifteen percent of the total population. Three largest areas of possible infection are Asia, Central and South America as well as Africa where the total population at risk is estimated to be 293 million people. Ingestion of(More)
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