Gillian M. Morgan

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Diagnosis of invasive aspergillosis remains a significant problem. PCR testing may aid diagnosis but is not yet included in disease-defining criteria due to a lack of standardization of assays and methodologies. This study investigated the analytical performance and the clinical sensitivity and specificity of the Myconostica MycAssay Aspergillus PCR (MAP)(More)
Thalidomide has received approval from the European Agency for the Evaluation of Medicinal Products for the treatment of newly diagnosed multiple myeloma (MM) patients older than 65 years or ineligible for transplant. The results of five phase III trials assessing thalidomide in combination with melphalan and prednisone (MPT) have demonstrated significantly(More)
Pneumocystis jirovecii pneumonia (PCP) is a common opportunistic infection. Microscopic diagnosis, including diagnosis using the Merifluor-Pneumocystis direct fluorescent antigen (MP-DFA) test, has limitations. Real-time PCR may assist in diagnosis, but no commercially validated real-time PCR assay has been available to date. MycAssay Pneumocystis is a(More)
Two previously healthy, immunocompetent men had persistent Rochalimaea henselae bacteremia with clinical relapses after courses of antibiotics to which the isolates were ultimately demonstrated susceptible in vitro. Both had sustained tick bites prior to their illnesses, thus demonstrating an association not previously identified, although suspected. The(More)
The Ly-6 locus and the Ly-6.2 specificity have been previously described, and we now further define this locus and the allelic specificities, Ly-6.1 and Ly-6.2. Back-cross studies and examination of several recombinant inbred (RI) lines demonstrate that Ly-6 is distinct from other loci determining CMAD, except for ALA-1 and evidence is presented for the(More)
A newH-2 mutant, BALB/c-H-2 db , is described. This mutant originated in BALB/c, is inbred, and is coisogenic with the parental BALB/cKh strain. The mutation is of the loss type since BALB/c-H- db rejects BALB/c, but not vice versa. Complementation studies have localized the mutation to theD region of theH-2 complex. A cross between BALB/c-H-2 db and(More)
The murine Ly-7 locus was identified by the reactivity of alloantisera prepared as B6,C-H-2d x CXBG)F1 anti-CXBK. Most strains, except C57BL/6 and related strains, were Ly-7.2+. Absorption analysis demonstrated that the Ly-7 specificity was only found on lymphocytes and was absent from liver, kidney, brain, and red blood cells. Direct testing by(More)
INTRODUCTION Daratumumab, a human CD38 monoclonal antibody approved for multiple myeloma (MM) treatment, binds red blood cells (RBCs), resulting in panagglutination in compatibility tests. Published mitigation methods avoid additional testing, ensuring timely release of blood products. Blood transfusion management and transfusion-related outcomes of(More)