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Cortisol has a well-documented circadian pattern. However, recent studies have demonstrated that individual variation in diurnal cortisol patterns occurs in young adult populations. Since older adults experience altered sleep-wake cycles and changes in circadian rhythmicity, we may see even greater variations in diurnal cortisol patterns in older adults.(More)
Cortisol has frequently been used as a stress marker and has been shown to be elevated in response to laboratory stressors, severe real-life stressors, and daily hassles. Furthermore, variation in cortisol rhythms has been observed in some disease states and may be related to health outcomes. The majority of cortisol and stress research has been conducted(More)
BACKGROUND Chronic diseases contribute a large share of disease burden in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs). Chronic diseases have a tendency to occur simultaneously and where there are two or more such conditions, this is termed as 'multimorbidity'. Multimorbidity is associated with adverse health outcomes, but limited research has been undertaken(More)
The dramatic increase in the aging population in developed countries has led to an explosion of research on health and aging in the United States. Few studies, however, have been conducted in developing countries, even though many of these populations are experiencing a faster rate of growth in the 65+ population. Thus, although our knowledge of health and(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Because of the high risk of falling and the recognition that falling is a "geriatric syndrome," screening for risk of falls has become popular at community health fairs. The purposes of this study were to determine whether health fair screening and educational intervention would result in behaviors that could reduce the risk of falls(More)
UNLABELLED Based on anecdotal and qualitative reports, a general assumption is that caregiving negatively impacts grandparents in Africa. OBJECTIVES The purpose of this article is to determine how caregiving and gender impact nutritional status over four waves of data from Luo elders. METHODS Luo elders, aged 60 and over (age 73.6 ± 7.9) were sampled.(More)
The HIV/AIDS pandemic is creating a generation of orphaned children in Africa. The number of orphans will continue to increase long after the HIV/AIDS crisis has peaked; therefore, it is important to determine how best to assist these children. Current studies investigating the impact of orphanhood have conflicting results and conclusions. Several studies(More)
Globally, a growing number of grandparents are caring for their grandchildren. The impact and burden associated with increases in custodial grandparenting, however, may differ by culture. In the United States, the caregiving role has been shown to be a significant source of stress for older adults. In cultures in which grandparents are more commonly(More)
CONTEXT Current osteopathic medical students will play an important role in implementing, modifying, and advocating for or against the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) of 2010. Accordingly, medical educators will need to address curricular gaps specific to the ACA and medical practice. Research that gauges osteopathic medical students' level(More)