Gillian Galbraith

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BACKGROUND Few issues in higher education are as fundamental as the ability to search for, evaluate, and synthesize information. The need to develop information literacy, the process of finding, retrieving, organizing, and evaluating the ever-expanding collection of online information, has precipitated the need for training in skill-based competencies in(More)
This article reports development of an evidence-based admissions formula that effectively incorporates the admissions criteria most likely to influence dental school performance. This study utilized peer-reviewed literature and analysis of admissions and performance data from the first three classes of students at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, School(More)
A population of 291 healthy North American Black subjects of different ages was studied for immunoglobulin (Ig) allotypes and the prevalence of autoantibodies, to determine possible associations between Ig allotypes and age, autoantibodies and age, and Ig allotypes and autoantibodies. Indirect immunofluorescence was used to detect anti-gastric parietal(More)
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