Gillian Fletcher

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BACKGROUND Many environmental factors have been investigated to determine their involvement in the asthma epidemic. OBJECTIVE We sought to investigate the indoor environment of English children. METHOD The Indoor Pollutants, Endotoxin, Allergens, Damp and Asthma in Manchester (IPEADAM) study recruited 200 asthmatic and age-, sex-, and sibship(More)
UNLABELLED Children spend increasing time indoors. Exposure to environmental factors may contribute to the development or exacerbation of the asthmatic phenotype. Inter-relationships between these factors might influence the manifestation of asthma. Endotoxin exposure has been shown to have pro-inflammatory and protective effects in different situations. We(More)
BACKGROUND Despite medical advice, many pet-allergic asthma sufferers refuse to remove the pet to which they are sensitized from their home. OBJECTIVE We aimed to assess the clinical effects of air cleaners in the homes of adult asthma patients sensitized and exposed to cats and/or dogs. METHODS We performed a randomized, parallel-group study of 30(More)
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