Gillian Crampton Smith

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Twenty years ago computers were expensive work tools for professionals, or games machines for enthusiasts. But today they are turning up in all aspects of our daily life – from mobile phones to microwave ovens, exercise bikes to sewing machines – and there are already many more computer chips on the planet than there are humans. Increasingly, the quality of(More)
The design and rapid prototyping of a hypermedia tool is described in which interaction design techniques were employed after extensive empirical research into the fashion design process. 'l%e tool enables fashion designers to draw on past work when designing new garments, and incorporates a novel approach to casual data entry. The interaction design(More)
design T This month my husband and I left London to work from Venice. We had our dial-up numbers and software and it all looked very simple. Anyway, we thought, we're seasoned computer users, we've done Applelink from Hawaii, so Venice to London should be dead easy. It wasn't. We tried everything from logic to prayer: we checked the cabling, swapped the(More)
Art Large-firm designers use computers in fields like architecture, where the production aspects of design and working drawings are an important part of the budget. In comparison, small firms in fields like graphic design-where design, typesetting or artwork has traditionally been done outside the firm-use computer tools less widely. In effect, designers(More)
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