Gillian Blair

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We have documented the initial clinical features of 100 patients with primary Sjögren's syndrome (SS) together with the results of their baseline investigations. The evolution of the disease in these patients has been followed for a median of 34 months (range 3-84 months). The majority of patients were females aged 40-60 years, and common clinical features(More)
The pain experienced after third molar surgery was investigated over a 7 day post-operative period in 80 patients. The results from the study suggest that post-operative pain is of short duration and reaches its maximum intensity in the early post-operative period. Nearly all patients required an analgesic at some time during the 7 days. The sex of the(More)
The records of 96 consecutively treated patients, with a total of 110 exposed maxillary canines, were reviewed after orthodontic alignment of the exposed teeth. In view of the high degree of clinical and patient satisfaction with the results, a random sample of 25 patients, with a total of 30 exposed canines, were critically assessed. The assessment(More)
Two groups, each of 100 adult patients who had undergone either a periodontal or oral surgical procedure were asked to record their pain experience over a three day investigation period. The results show that post-operative dental pain is variable in its nature and intensity, but reaches its maximum intensity in the first 12 hours post-operatively. Women(More)
A consortium of social services agencies developed a comprehensive community mental health services program for homeless mentally ill offenders in Portland, Oregon. Residential services were provided in a single-room-occupancy hotel. Forty-seven clients were accepted for the program, 38 actually entered the program, and 14 graduated--that is, attained(More)