Gillian Amphlett

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The application of high-density DNA array technology to monitor gene transcription has been responsible for a real paradigm shift in biology. The majority of research groups now have the ability to measure the expression of a significant proportion of the human genome in a single experiment, resulting in an unprecedented volume of data being made available(More)
Mature human factor IX is a 55,000-d glycoprotein with a modular domain structure and numerous posttranslational modifications. A recombinant form of human factor IX (rFIX) has been produced from a Chinese hamster ovary cell line that was engineered for high-level protein processing and expression. To ensure that the recombinant molecule contains the(More)
The resistance of HIV clinical isolates with or without M184V was analysed in relation to plasma HIV-1-RNA level and time on therapy. The number of thymidine analogue mutations (TAMs) was lower in isolates with M184V, this was independent of plasma HIV-1-RNA level and time on therapy for T215F/Y, D67N and L210W. This suggests a direct effect of M184V on the(More)
1. Eight peptides were separated from the CNBr digest of troponin T from rabbit white skeletal muscle and characterized. 2. By study of the amino acid sequence of the methionine-containing peptides isolated after chymotryptic and tryptic digestion and of the N- and C-terminals of the CNBr peptides, six of the latter were shown to be arranged in the sequence(More)
The use of large-scale microarray expression profiling to identify predictors of disease class has become of major interest. Beyond their impact in the clinical setting (i.e. improving diagnosis and treatment), these markers are also likely to provide clues on the molecular mechanisms underlining the diseases. In this paper we describe a new method for the(More)
The binding of 45Ca2+ to bovine plasma protein C (PC) and to activated bovine plasma protein C (APC) has been examined by equilibrium ultrafiltration at pH 7.4 and 25 degrees C. Under these conditions, PC possesses 16.0 plus or minus 2.0 equivalent Ca2+ binding sites, of average KD (8.7 plus or minus 1.5) x 10(-4) M, and APC contains 9.0 plus or minus 1.0(More)