Gilles Y. Delisle

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In inverse synthetic aperture radar (ISAR) imaging, the target rotational motion with respect to the radar line of sight contributes to the imaging ability, whereas the translational motion must be compensated out. This paper presents a novel two-step approach to translational motion compensation using an adaptive range tracking method for range bin(More)
This paper shows that with a proper placement of Mesh multi radio devices in a confined area, it is possible to reduce the congestion in the WMN (Wireless Mesh Network) by 50 to 60 percent according to the loaded traffic. The best portal deployment is obtained by minimizing the maximum traffic aggregation based on several constraints such as collision(More)
This letter presents an efficient and accurate performance evaluation method for binary MC-CDMA systems with deterministic signature sequences. This method is based on a formulation of the characteristic function, and does not resort to any assumption on the statistical or spectral behavior of the interference. The accuracy of the Gaussian approximation(More)