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First, we describe PVM-Prolog, a Prolog core extended by an interface to PVM, the Parallel Virtual Machine, a standard software which allows to view a network of heterogeneous machines as a single parallel computer. Besides PVM's coarse-grain parallelism, PVM-Prolog includes a process-internal thread concept to realize ne-grain concurrency. Second, we(More)
We present a virtual-reality framework for the continuous improvement process (CIP) of industrial production lines. In contrast to the conventional CIP workshop, our framework facilitates the implementation and validation of proposed modifications of the (virtual) production environment during the workshop whereas the results are immediately visible. The(More)
REPORTRAPPORT Partial logics with two kinds of negation as a foundation for knowledge-based reasoning Abstract We show how to use model classes of partial logic to deene semantics of general knowledge-based reasoning. Its essential beneet is that partial logics allow us to distinguish two sorts of negative information: the absence of information and the(More)
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