Gilles-Philippe Paillé

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In this paper, we tackle the problem of generalizing conformal maps to volumetric meshes. Current methods seek for harmonicity but unfortunately, no computational methods optimize conformality in the volumetric context. As it is proven that conformal maps do not exist for general volume transformations, we seek to optimize shape preservation with a(More)
Figure 1: Our method fits an initial volumetric template mesh to a surface mesh using higher-order finite elements. This figure shows the evolution of the initial shape while adaptively increasing the order of each element. This adaptive mesh only stores 6% of all nodes that would be required by a full order-12 finite element mesh. Abstract We propose a(More)
We present a geometric representation of a tetrahedral mesh that is solely based on dihedral angles. We first show that the shape of a tetrahedral mesh is completely defined by its dihedral angles. This proof leads to a set of angular constraints that must be satisfied for an immersion to exist in <i>R</i><sup>3</sup>. This formulation lets us easily(More)
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