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Real-time recording technology was used in this study to analyse calling activity during heterosexual encounters in BALB/c mice. The spectrographic analyses revealed distinct types of calls that could be linked to a precise pre-ejaculatory behavioural sequence. In addition, the oestrous cycle of the female was observed to influence the vocalization emission(More)
In this study, a spectrographic analysis was designed to improve the description of the shape, the modulations, the rate, length and frequencies of BALB/c mouse calls in different behavioural situations. Male and female calls emitted during investigation of cages with clean bedding, soiled with male or female bedding, and during same-sex encounters, were(More)
Evidencing ancient interspecific associations in the fossil record may be challenging, particularly when bacterial organisms have most likely been degraded during diagenesis. Yet, documenting ancient interspecific associations may provide valuable insights into paleoenvironmental conditions and paleocommunities. Here, we report the multiscale(More)
Facing the increase in frequency of use of analog products, integrated-circuits designers reach X or upper band and their own problems, especially in the case of passive components. This paper focus on inductor design and layout, opposing classical analog integrated inductors and hyper frequency lines. After studying separately each solution and pointing(More)
A new fossil lobster from the Cretaceous of Lebanon, Charbelicaris maronites gen. et sp. nov., is presented here, while the former species 'Cancrinos' libanensis is re-described as Paracancrinos libanensis comb. nov. P. libanensis is shown to be closer related to the contemporary slipper lobsters than to Cancrinos claviger (lithographic limestones,(More)
Coprolites of terrestrial vertebrates from the Sparnacian Le Quesnoy locality (Ypresian, Eocene, MP7, 53 Ma; Oise, France) were examined for possible parasitic helminth eggs. The extraction of the coprolite components was performed by a weak acetolyse and a slide mounting in glycerin. This long examination did not reveal paleoparasite remains, which may be(More)
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