Gilles Mathieu

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©2005 British Editorial Society of Bone and Joint Surgery doi:10.1302/0301-620X.87B7. 16289 $2.00 J Bone Joint Surg [Br] 2005;87-B:896-902. Bone marrow and orthopaedic surgery During the development of normal bone in the young child, osteoblasts and then haematopoietic stem cells progressively colonise the cartilaginous matrix, resulting in its ossification(More)
BACKGROUND Bone marrow aspirated from the iliac crest contains progenitor cells that can be used to obtain bone-healing of nonunions. However, there is little available information regarding the number and concentration of these cells that are necessary to obtain bone repair. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the number and concentration of(More)
UNLABELLED Most previous studies of THA in sickle cell disease report high risks of medical and orthopaedic complications, including infections and a higher incidence of failure than observed after THA for osteonecrosis related to other conditions. Based on our experience (1245 orthopaedic procedures during the last 25 years), we questioned these(More)
PURPOSE OF THE STUDY Most pertrochanteric fractures can be successfully fixed with osteosynthesis. Osteosynthesis fails however is a small number of patients who require re-operation for implantation of a total hip prosthesis. This situation occurs in particular when the material has penetrated the acetabulum and in elderly subjects. Although this type of(More)
EGEE, along with its sister project LCG, manages the world's largest grid production infrastructure which is spreading nowadays over 260 sites in more than 40 countries. Just as building such a system requires novel approaches; its management also requires innovation. From an operational point of view, the first challenge we face is to provide scalable(More)
PURPOSE OF THE STUDY We reviewed fractures of the distal femur occurring during or after total knee arthroplasty in order to identify risk factors. MATERIAL AND METHODS Twelve intraoperative fractures occurred between 1990 and 2000 among 617 total knee arthroplasties performed during this period. The circumstances of these fractures were noted in(More)
Developing, maintaining and accessing complex information repositories are some of the main concerns of today’s information society. In huge distributed systems, guaranteeing good performances and data integrity is a real challenge when using standard relational databases. This paper presents a database concept methodology that addresses these(More)
Distribution of resources between different communities in production grids is the combined result of needs and policies: where the users’ needs dictate what is required, resource providers’ policies define how much is offered and how it is offered. From a provider point of view, getting a comprehensive and fair understanding of resources distribution is(More)
The organization and management of the user support in a global e-science computing infrastructure, such as the Worldwide LHC Computing Grid, is one of the challenges of the Grid. Given the widely distributed nature of the organization, and the spread of expertise for installing, configuring, managing and troubleshooting the grid middleware services, we(More)