Gilles Halin

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Image retrieval is a field of general Computer Aided Information Retrieval. It is of great i.ntcrcst to us from two points of view. Not only iu itself, but also as a particularly sensitive application area and testbed of various models and techniques which, although applicable in other field& became much more spectacular in this one. It is especially clear(More)
We explain and justify the need of a rich semantics for the user interface in interactive image retrieval involving new media. Two ideas to build such interfaces are presented: possibility theory applied to fuzzy data retrieval (with hazy data and/or requests) and a machine learning technique applied to learning the user’s deep need (with chosen images as(More)
In a design project, the actors cooperate to achieve a same objective, which can be the production of a document, a manufactured product, a plane or a building. The role of a cooperative project management tool is to offer each actor not only a good vision of the project development but also the extent of his action potential. The cooperation context of a(More)
In this paper, we report on a business case in the construction sector where we have designed and prototyped an innovative Web-based distributed document management application. It supports various exchange and sharing of information services between the different stakeholders involved in a construction project. The development of the application is based(More)
This paper describes the conclusions of a reflection driven by a virtual team, composed of three research teams (one in computing at LORIA, one in telecommunications at France Telecom R&D, and a last one in building construction and design at CRAI) in the context of a common project. The topic of this project is the coordination of a virtual team in the(More)
This paper focuses on cooperation concepts necessary for managing concurrent engineering. It reports on a research work being done in a project which establishes a connection between computer sciences, architecture and telecommunications research. Simple electronic cooperation paradigms (also called generic cooperation bricks) are found by analysing the(More)
The issue of multiple views coordination became more and more challenging in the architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) field since the apparition and the increasing success of 4D/nD CAD. In order to adapt visualization to user's business requirements in 4D-supported collaborative tools, this paper propose a method to design coordinated multiple(More)
Cooperation between actors in design and construction activities in architecture is an essential stake nowadays. In professional practices the actors involved in construction projects use numerous tools. The project is unique but the "views" that actors manipulate are various and sometimes fundamentally different. Their common characteristic is that they(More)