Gilles Guerrero

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Many astrophysical bodies harbour magnetic fields that are thought to be sustained by a dynamo process. However, it has been argued that the production of large-scale magnetic fields by mean-field dynamo action is strongly suppressed at large magnetic Reynolds numbers owing to the conservation of magnetic helicity. This phenomenon is known as catastrophic(More)
We present non-linear mean-field αα dynamo simulations in spherical geometry with simplified profiles of kinetic α effect and shear. We take magnetic helicity evolution into account by solving a dynamical equation for the magnetic α effect. This gives a consistent description of the quenching mechanism in mean-field dynamo models. The main goal of this work(More)
Imidazolium bromide-based ionic liquids bearing phosphonyl groups on the cationic part were synthesized and grafted on γ-alumina (γ-Al₂O₃) powders. These powders were prepared as companion samples of conventional mesoporous γ-alumina membranes, in order to favor a possible transfer of the results to supported membrane materials, which could be used for CO₂(More)
Circulation-dominated solar dynamo models, which employ a helioseismic rotation profile and a fixed meridional flow, give a good approximation to the large scale solar magnetic phenomena , such as the 11-year cycle or the so called Hale's law of polarities. Nevertheless, the larger amplitude of the radial shear ∂Ω/∂r at the high latitudes makes the dynamo(More)
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