Gilles Gesquière

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CityGML is a recent standard developed to describe, store and exchange virtual city models. Numerous software programmes have been proposed to construct, edit, modify and visualize city models, but visualisation in a web browser is still challenging. In this paper we propose a framework based on standards for visualising a large amount of 3D city data.(More)
In an industrial context, most manufactured objects are designed using CAD (Computer-Aided Design) software. For visualization, data exchange or manufacturing applications, the geometric model has to be discretized into a 3Dmesh composed of a finite number of vertices and edges. However, the initial model may sometimes be lost or unavailable. In other(More)
In this paper a new method is presented for 3-D terrain visualization via reversible JPEG2000-based blind data hiding with special focus on data synchronization and scalability. Online real-time 3-D terrain visualization involves considerable amount of data. The process is essentially the mapping of the aerial photograph, called texture, onto its(More)
In a virtual sculpting environment, we manipulate objects as a set of volume elements (voxels). In order to start the sculpture process from a polygonal object, we have to discretize this object as a set of voxels. This step is called voxelization. Several voxelization methods have already been proposed, but none matches all of our criteria. In this paper,(More)
Using aerial photography, satellite imagery, scanned maps and Digital Elevation Models implies to make storage and visualization strategy choices. To obtain a three dimensional visualization, we have to link these images called texture with the terrain geometry named Digital Elevation Model. These information are usually stored in three different files (One(More)
Real-time on-line 3D visualization of terrain is a memory intensive process accompanied by considerably large data transfer across the network and thus data compression is inevitable. The upcoming standard of JPEG2000 is well suited for such network based transfers since it offers the additional advantage of resolution scalability resulting in incremental(More)