Gilles Fouret

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The purpose of this double clinical study was (1) to evaluate the effect of one single intake (300 ml) of red wine (RW) on the plasma antioxidant capacity (pAOC) and plasma phenolics over the 24-h(More)
Little is known about lipid-soluble vitamin placental transfer. We supplemented ten pregnant women ranging in age from 26 to 38 years with vitamin E at a daily dose of 1 g dl-alpha-tocopherol acetate(More)
Excessive dietary lipid intake, coupled with lack of exercise, are the major causes of the development and progression of metabolic syndrome features e. g. obesity, hepatic steatosis, insulin(More)
Specific antioxidant activity (SAA) (i.e., activity related to the molar or gallic acid equivalent amount of antioxidant) of natural polyphenolic mixtures or pure phenolic compounds was studied using(More)