Gilles Cartry

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The interaction of H atoms having relatively low average kinetic energy (∼0.025 eV) with both perfectly clean and D-covered HOPG surfaces is investigated using high resolution electron energy loss spectroscopy. From this study we confirm, in a controlled fashion, the presence of the theoretically predicted adsorption barrier since no adsorption is detected(More)
Retention of deuterium ion implanted in polycrystalline tungsten samples is studied in situ in an ultra-high vacuum apparatus equipped with a low-flux ion source and a high sensitivity thermodesorption setup. Retention as a function of ion fluence was measured in the 10 17 – 10 21 D + .m -2 range. By combining this new fluence range with the literature in(More)
The electron density, ion flux and argon emission lines were measured in a radio frequency helicon reactor for different static magnetic field amplitude and low rf powers using cylindrical Langmuir probe, planar probe and optical emission spectroscopy (OES). The static magnetic field amplitude created around the plasma source varied from 0 to 10 mT in the(More)
In a proof-of-principle study, molybdenum samples were implanted with a very small dose of Cs in order to test the properties of the compound as a surface converter for negative hydrogen ion production. First results on the properties of Cs doped Mo compounds show a reduction of the work function and a stable H yield up to four hours in low density hydrogen(More)
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