Gilles Cambois

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To understand how two structurally analogous ligand-receptor systems, the nociceptin/opioid receptor-like 1 (ORL1) and dynorphin A/kappa-opioid receptor 1 (KOR1) systems, achieve selectivity, receptor chimeras were generated and analyzed. Replacing discrete domains located between the N-terminus and top of the third transmembrane helix of the KOR1 by the(More)
This phase 1 trial was aimed to determine the safety, pharmacokinetics, and preliminary clinical activity of CYL-02, a nonviral gene therapy product that sensitizes pancreatic cancer cells to chemotherapy. CYL-02 was administrated using endoscopic ultrasound in 22 patients with pancreatic cancer that concomitantly received chemotherapy (gemcitabine). The(More)
The aim of the present study was to delineate the functional domains of nociceptin (noc), a neuropeptide which is structurally related to dynorphin A (dyn). The binding and biological potencies towards the nociceptin (ORL1) and dynorphin A (kappa-opioid) receptors of twenty dyn/noc and noc/dyn hybrid peptides were compared with those of the parent(More)
The ability to repair DNA interstrand cross-links may be an important factor contributing to mitomycin C (MMC) and cisplatin cytotoxicities. We have assessed the repair of interstrand cross-links induced by MMC in two MMC-hypersensitive hamster cell mutants and their resistant parental cell line. Using a gene-specific repair assay, we found no evidence for(More)
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