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A new methodology is proposed to estimate displacement fields from pairs of images (reference and strained) that evaluates continuous displacement fields. This approach is specialized to a finite-element decomposition , therefore providing a natural interface with a numerical modeling of the mechanical behavior used for identification purposes. The method(More)
Sprays of commercial preparations of the bacterium Bacillus thuringiensis subsp. israelensis are widely used for the control of mosquito larvae. Despite an abundant literature on B. thuringiensis subsp. israelensis field efficiency on mosquito control, few studies have evaluated the fate of spores in the environment after treatments. In the present article,(More)
Invasion of new territories by insect vector species that can transmit pathogens is one of the most important threats for human health. The spread of the mosquito Aedes albopictus in Europe is emblematic, because of its major role in the emergence and transmission of arboviruses such as dengue or chikungunya. Here, we modeled the spread of this mosquito(More)
Most often, Digital Image Correlation (DIC) is used to analyze a sequence of images. Exploitation of an expected temporal regularity in the displacement fields can be used to enhance the performances of a DIC analysis, either in terms of spatial resolution, or in terms of uncertainty. A general theoretical framework is presented, tested on artificial and(More)
The purpose of the experiment described herein is the study of material deformation (here a cylinder) induced by explosives. During its expansion, the cylinder (initially 3 mm thick) is thinning until fracture appears. Some tens of microseconds before destruction, strain localiza-tions occur and induce mechanical necking. To characterize the time of first(More)
Volumetric strains in a filled SBR specimen subjected to cyclic uniaxial tension with increasing extensions are studied. Digital image correlation is used to follow the kinematics of two orthogonal free faces. A volume expansion is observed past a critical elongation, which can be interpreted as the onset of cavitation. Under unloading, the volume returns(More)
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