Gilles Audemard

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This report has been submitted forr publication outside of ITC and will probably be copyrighted if accepted for publication. It has been issued as a Technical Report forr early dissemination of its contents. In view of the transfert of copy right too the outside publisher, its distribution outside of ITC priorr to publication should be limited to peer(More)
Enormous progress has been achieved in the last decade in the verification of timed systems, making it possible to analyze significant real-world protocols. An open challenge is the identification of fully symbolic verification techniques, able to deal effectively with the finite state component as well as with the timing aspects. In this paper we propose a(More)
Modern complete SAT solvers almost uniformly implement variations of the clause learning framework introduced by Grasp and Chaff. The success of these solvers has been theoretically explained by showing that the clause learning framework is an implementation of a proof system which is as poweful as resolution. However, exponential lower bounds are known for(More)