Gilles Allègre

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Natural forms of stimulation were used to compare the spontaneous and evoked activity of dorsal horn neurons in three groups of rats: controls with no surgical lesion, rats with transection of the sciatic nerve and rats with transection of the dorsal roots at the same segmental level. In control rats, cells encountered in the dorsal horn were classified(More)
BHD, TP53, and HNF1beta on chromosome 17 were studied in 92 cases of renal cell carcinoma (46 chromophobe, 19 clear cell, 18 oncocytoma, and nine papillary). Six, thirteen, and zero cases had, respectively BHD, TP53, and HNF1beta mutations, (84% mutations involved chromophobe), suggesting a role for BHD and TP53 in chromophobe subtype.
A bundle of central nervous fibers was excited in the rat with a short pulse (40 ns) of UV light produced by an excimer laser. Evoked responses were recorded in the thalamic ventralis posterior nucleus after stimulation of the medial lemniscus or the cuneate bundle in the spinal cord. The effects of electrical and optical fiber applied UV stimulation were(More)
We have used a superparamagnetic microbead selection system to positively select a murine bone marrow CD8+ cell population. The functional ability of these cells to enhance allogeneic bone marrow engraftment was compared with that of fluorescence activated cell sorter purified CD8+ cells. The CD8+ cell population prepared by the microbead selection(More)
The Doppler ultrasound diagnosis of carotid artery stenosis (asymetrical systolic and diastolic flows; elevated resistance index: ratio of flow pulse amplitude to systolic and diastolic values; flow reversal in the ophtalmic artery) is compared, in 52 patients, to the clinical, angiographic (40 patients) an surgical findings and to the peroperative measure(More)