Gill White

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An employee at a brazing rod manufacturing plant developed a generalized eruption of follicular papules and pustules. His job tasks included breaking up antimony ingots and melting the pieces in a crucible; he was exposed to antimony metal dust and to antimony trioxide fumes. Two fellow employees who later performed the same job tasks developed similar(More)
An isolated region of energetic electron precipitation observed near local noon in the auroral zone has been investigated using imaging riometer (IRIS) and incoherent scatter radar (EISCAT) techniques. IRIS revealed that the absorption event was essentially co-rotating with the Earth for about 2 h. The spatial and temporal variations in D-region electron(More)
An educational contract for family medicine residency training and evaluation addresses many of the difficulties and challenges of current postgraduate medical education. This article identifies important principles for developing a contractual approach; describes the contract used in one program and its implementation; and discusses its theory, advantages,(More)
A number of occupational hazards exist for the farmer and farm worker. They include the hazards of farm machinery, biologic and chemical hazards, and social and environmental stresses. Recognizing of these hazards will help the family physician care for farmers and their families.
Building upon some key discussion points in the Brown et al. paper, we explore the key elements driving performance measurement and quality improvement strategies in the Veterans Affairs healthcare system in the United States and the national primary-care trusts in England, both of which offer important insights into understanding the factors that affect(More)
Interprofessional education (IPE) is vital to healthcare professionals and is especially relevant in the context of pain management. Despite its importance, it is often difficult to provide given limited time and resources and challenges with coordinating schedules across professions. This study explored satisfaction with a one-day IPE workshop on pain(More)
Objective. The goal of this study was to explore which topics were rendered important to incorporate into a men's health curriculum for family medicine resident training. Design. A mixed-methodology was used. A case study method with a sequential transformative strategy was utilized. A quantitative survey was sent to the 17 program directors of Canadian(More)
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