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There has been increasing interest in informal learning in recent years alongside interest in how such learning can be supported by technology. However, relatively little is known about the extent to which adults make use of their own mobile devices to support informal learning. In this study, a survey was used to investigate whether, and to what extent,(More)
Mobile technologies can support learning across different contexts as their portability and personal nature enables them to be used by the learner in whichever context she or he is in. Informal contexts can be particularly beneficial, because the learner has more control over their learning goals and motivation (usually intrinsic) is often high in informal(More)
  • Gill Clough
  • IEEE Transactions on Learning Technologies
  • 2010
This paper looks at how mobile and social technologies are influencing informal learning in the context of online community membership. The development of mobile technologies that use Global Positioning System (GPS) data to pinpoint geographical location together with the rapidly evolving Web 2.0 technologies supporting the creation and consumption of(More)
Personal inquiry learning trajectories in geography: technological support across contexts Lucinda Kerawalla, Karen Littleton, Eileen Scanlon, Ann Jones, Mark Gaved, Trevor Collins, Paul Mulholland, Canan Blake, Gill Clough, Gráinne Conole & Marilena Petrou a Faculty of Education and Language Studies, Open University, Walton Hall, Milton Keynes, MK7 6AA, UK(More)
The ongoing EU project JuxtaLearn aims at facilitating the acquisition of science concepts through videos, especially also through creation of videos on the part of the learners. Learning Analytics techniques are used to extract and represent teachers’ and students’ concepts manifested in interactive workshops based on textual artefacts. First results of(More)
  • Gill Clough
  • Clinical and experimental allergy : journal of…
  • 1999
The skin is the most accessible organ of the body in which to view the inflammatory process and its pharmacological modulation. However, there are relatively few studies in which the response of the dermal vasculature to inflammatory stimuli has been assessed quantitatively or the chemical mediators of the response measured directly. The mechanisms(More)
This paper presents a study developed in the scope of a larger project that aims to understand how video editing and content sharing in public displays can be used at schools to promote the informal engagement of students with curricular contents that are essential to foster future learning. The study involved a video competition where students were invited(More)
This paper describes a threshold concept-driven e-assessment system that supports teachers in writing effective formative multiple-choice questions, creating quizzes tailored to students’ learning pathways. The system, which has been co-designed with teachers, acts as the ‘bun’ on either side of an ‘eassessment burger’ pedagogically scaffolding quiz(More)