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Most distributed computing environments today are extremely complex and time-consuming for human administrators to manage. Thus, there is increasing demand for the self-healing and self-diagnosing of problems or errors arising in systems operating within today's ubiquitous computing environment. This paper proposes a proactive self-healing system that(More)
Systems designed to be self-healing are able to heal themselves at runtime in response to changing environmental or operational circumstances. Thus, the goal is to avoid catastrophic failure through prompt execution of remedial actions. This paper proposes a self-healing mechanism that monitors, diagnoses and heals its own internal problems using(More)
In ubiquitous environments, which involve an even greater number of computing devices, with more informal modes of operation, this type of problem have rather serious consequences. In order to solve these problems when they arise, effective reliable systems are required. Also, system management is changing from a conventional central administration, to(More)
This work concerns the development of a fault model of sensor for detecting and isolating sensor, actuator, and various faults in USNs (Ubiquitous Sensor Network). USN are developed to create relationships between humans, objects and computers in various fields. A management research of sensor nodes is very important because the ubiquitous sensor network(More)
The computing environment of today is very complex. Research that endows a system with a self-healing ability that recognizes problems arising in a target system is valuable. However, most of the existing research shows that self-healing development environments need much effort and time to analyze and model constraints. Thus, in order to these problems,(More)
Distributed computing systems are continuously increasing in complexity and cost of managing, and system management tasks require significantly higher levels of autonomic management. In distributed computing, system management is changing from a conventional central administration, to autonomic computing. However, most existing research focuses on healing(More)