Gili Adler-Nevo

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Despite the prevalence of childhood trauma, studies regarding psychotherapy for children suffering from posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) are scarce, especially regarding the treatment for pediatric PTSD following single-incident trauma. Treatment practices for this population rely mainly on the paradigms of therapy for adult PTSD and pediatric PTSD(More)
OBJECTIVE Cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) for children has been shown efficacious, but community access to it is often limited by the lack of trained therapists. This study evaluated a child, CBT-focused, 20-session weekly group supervision seminar with a didactic component which was provided to community mental health practitioners by experienced CBT(More)
We evaluated a novel, computerized feelings assessment instrument (MAAC) in 54 children with anxiety disorders and 35 nonanxious children ages 5 to 11. They rated their feelings relative to 16 feeling animations. Ratings of feelings, order of feeling selection, and correlations with standardized anxiety measures were examined. Positive emotions were rated(More)
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