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There are only a few studies in the literature concerning all four lateral preferences (handedness, footedness, eyedness, earedness) and presenting their interrelationships. Porac and Coren's 1981 inventory was used to assess hand, foot, eye, and ear preference in a German sample of 506 men and 430 women. A right sided preference was found for hand, foot,(More)
The chronic otitis media is defined as a permanent perforation of the drum membrane, which does not close by itself, and an inflammatory reaction in the mucosa (mucositis) of the middle ear. Two main forms of the chronic otitis media are distinct: the suppurative otitis media and the cholesteatoma. The suppurative otitis media is often accompanied by(More)
Objective. The goal of the study was to determine the asymmetric distribution of the height of the ethmoid roof (fovea ethmoidalis). Method. We retrospectively reviewed 644 coronal sinus computer tomography (CT) scans. The height of the ethmoid roof was examined for possible lateral differences between the right and left sides. Results. In 221 CT scans(More)
Im Rahmen der Umstrukturierungen für die Zertifizierung zum regionalen Traumazentrum der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Unfallchirurgie (DGU) wurde am Klinikum Wolfsburg ein einheitlicher Schockraumalgorithmus entwickelt. Der Wolfsburger Schockraumalgorithmus basiert auf Grundlagen des Advanced Trauma Life Support (ATLS®) mit Einbindung der FAST-Sonographie(More)
There are only few data on the relative contribution of genetical factors to ear preference ("earedness"). We studied the distribution of earedness and handedness in a sample of 292 families and 36 offspring pairs. The incidence of nonright-earedness was found to be 35% and was not related to age or gender. In the same sample the incidence of(More)
The test-retest reliability of the asymmetry of the Unterberger stepping test was obtained over a 3-mo. period. This stepping test is a test examining the labyrinthine deviation when testing the lower extremities. Also, self-report items were validated against individual measures of the stepping test. The investigations show high reliability of the(More)
Since increased intracellular Ca2+ is believed to be the main factor causing skeletal muscle contracture in human and porcine malignant hyperthermia, the potential effects of the ionophore A23187, which enhances intracytoplasmic Ca2+, were investigated in Pietrain pig muscles. These effects were compared with those of caffeine, known to induce(More)