Andrew Melvin1
David Sterling1
Jonathan R. Chubb1
Jonathan Binns1
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BACKGROUND Maintenance of differentiation programs requires stability, when appropriate, of transcriptional states. However, the extent to which inheritance of active transcriptional states occurs from mother to daughter cells has not been directly addressed in unperturbed cell populations. RESULTS By live imaging of single-gene transcriptional events in(More)
For prawn trawling systems, drag reduction is a high priority as the trawling process is energy intensive. Large benefits have occurred through the use of multiple-net rigs and thin twine in the netting. An additional positive effect of these successful twine-area reduction strategies is the reduced amount of otter board area required to spread the trawl(More)
We intend to demonstrate the innate problems with existing spreadsheet products and to show how to tackle these issues using a new type of spreadsheet program – Resolver. It addresses the issues head-on and thereby moves the 1980's " VisiCalc paradigm " on to match the advances in computer languages and user requirements. Continuous display of the(More)
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