Giles Barton

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OBJECTIVES To identify patterns in critical incidents at an inpatient adolescent unit, to determine differences among patients who engage in critical incidents and those who do not, and to ascertain if there is an association between involvement in incidents and outcome of treatment. METHOD Retrospective review of all critical incidents reported at an(More)
The purpose of this study was to evaluate the outcome of adolescents with anxiety-based school attendance problems enrolled in a specialist adolescent educational and mental health program that provides educational assistance and social skills development, and to suggest key elements that may account for its apparent effectiveness. Young people attending(More)
Some of the basic problems confronting women in psychiatric training are reflected in four major areas: supervision, administration, research, and peer relationships. The authors recommend a residency seminar on female psychology, flexible-schedule residencies, inclusion of more women in all phases of the profession, reeducation in female psychology for(More)
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