Gilda A. Morelli

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Lactating Long-Evans rats were observed to interact differently with male and female pups during the first 18 days postpartum. Differences in the mother's behavior were related to the gender composition of her litter (GHL), to the sex of a single introduced pup, and to the sex of individual pups within her litter. Major differences were the greater time(More)
This study extends previous observations on the multiple caretaking system of newborns and young infants among the Efe foragers of Zaire, to Efe infants and toddlers, whose social contacts with mother, father, adults, and children at 5 and 8 months and at 1, 2, and 3 years were observed naturalistically. The Efe infant experiences a pattern of simultaneous(More)
This article reviews cultural differences in the extent of segregation of children from community life and their integration with people of differing ages, focusing especially on children's engagement with older children or similar-age children. We highlight cultural differences in children's everyday companionship with older children and with peers by(More)
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