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After the Fukushima nuclear accident, means to mitigate the severe situation have been proposed in many countries. One of those means is the mobile control room in which operators can monitor and control the damaged facilities from remote locations. The mobile control room is different from usual main control rooms of nuclear power plants in aspects of the(More)
As the internet network is growing up, it is possible to transmit the large capacity file such as high-quality stereoscopic 3D content. Thus, the burden of internet network is becoming heavier than before, since 3D stereoscopic video services require larger and more stable bandwidth. Also, it may cause disconnection of the streaming service to provide the(More)
Tabletop displays often serve as workbenches by allowing users to interact with them using touch capability. This work presents PhoneCog, a device authentication method on interactive tabletops with minimalistic hardware settings by utilizing a color sequence pattern recognition technique for device identification. Users may place their smartphones on a(More)
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