Gilberto de Miranda

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In telecommunication and transportation systems, the uncapacitated multiple allocation hub location problem (UMAHLP) arises when we must flow commodities or information between several origin–destination pairs. Instead of establishing a direct node to node connection from an origin to its destination, the flows are concentrated with others at facilities(More)
The minimum latency problem, also known as traveling repairman problem, the Deliveryman problem and the traveling salesman problem with cumulative costs is a variant of the Traveling Salesman Problem in which a repairman is required to visit customers located on each node of a graph in such a way that the overall waiting times of these customers is(More)
The incomplete hub location problem with and without hop-constraints is modeled using a Leontief substitution system approach. The Leontief formalism provides a set of important theoretical properties and delivers formulations with tight linear bounds that can explicitly incorporate hop constraints for each origin-destination pair of demands. Furthermore,(More)