Gilberto Guerra

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This work presents low motional resistance piezoelectric MEMS resonators with the highest quality factor (Q) in water reported to date that can be used for direct biomarker or chemical detection in liquid media. Thin film Piezoelectric-on-substrate (TPoS) resonators operating in higher order lateral bulk acoustic modes are designed and fabricated, and their(More)
Assoc. Prof. Ingrid Agartz, Stockholm H. S. Akiskal, San Diego Prof. Dr. M. Albus, Haar Prof. Dr. J. Aldenhoff, Kiel Jules Angst, Zurich Assoc. Prof. Tor Ansved, Stockholm Eugene L. Arnold, Chicago Prof. Dr. V. Arolt, Münster Dr. Th. Baghai, München Dr. Hans Bausun, Stockholm P. E. Bebbington, Rockville Prof. Dr. M. Berger, Freiburg Marcio Bernik, São Paulo(More)
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