Gilberto Burgio

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— This work studies the combination of active front steering with rear torque vectoring actuators in an integrated controller to guarantee vehicle stability/trajectory tracking. Adaptive feedback technique has been used to design the controller. The feedback linearization is applied to cancel the nonlinearities in the input–output dynamics, leading to(More)
The paper presents a novel concept of switching traction control (or ABS) strategy which does not rely on wheel slip information. The core of the strategy includes a driven wheel speed control loop and a reference vehicle model in the wheel speed target path. The reference model is fed by a bidirectional sawtooth-like tire force input signal, in order to(More)
This paper presents an adaptive Kalman filter for estimation of longitudinal tire static curve gradient, based on the driven wheel speed measurement. The static curve gradient estimator is used along with a model-based traction control (or ABS) strategy that does not require wheel slip information. More specifically, the estimator is used to establish a(More)
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