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Nowadays, the use of agile methodologies (AM) in Global Software Development (GSD) -- known as AGSD -- is increasingly common. However, AM and GSD are not completely compatible. On the one hand, in AM people interactions (face-to-face) are preferred over document-based communications to share knowledge. On the other hand, in GSD knowledge sharing is(More)
Agile Global Software Development (AGSD) is a reality, since nowadays software products are required to get into the market with more speed than before. This situation has pushed Global Software Development (GSD) companies to adopt lighter ways to develop software (Agile Software Development - ASD) to satisfy market demands. However, AGSD companies have(More)
An important challenge in Agile Global Software Development (AGSD) is architectural knowledge vaporization, i.e., the loss of technical knowledge due to a lack of documentation. In a previous work we identified that technical knowledge is usually available in unstructured textual electronic means (e.g. chat, mail, blogs, etc. – also known as UTEMs)(More)
Agile Software Development (ASD) is increasingly common in globally distributed teams -- it is known as AGSD. However, while in ASD face-to-face interactions are preferred over document-based communications, in global software development document-based communication is preferred. These differences affect Architectural Knowledge Management. AGSD workers(More)
Many companies have adopted agile software development (ASD), mainly due to it can handle scarce requirements. However, some unsolved challenges exist in ASD, particularly in global software development (GSD) companies (known as AGSD). These challenges include ASD lax documentation contrasted by the methodological standardization required in GSD, due to its(More)
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