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The conference " Coding Theory " intended to be a platform where the rather inhomo-geneous coding community could exchange ideas. Both the engineers could present their mathematical problems and the mathematicians could report their progress. The result was a lively meeting with an open exchange of ideas and lots of discussion. Madhu Sudan presented his(More)
PURPOSE This study evaluated the appropriateness and accuracy of 500 radiology requests and their matched reports in order to identify recurring errors in both areas. MATERIALS AND METHODS A randomly chosen sample consisting of 167 computed tomography (CT), 166 ultrasonography (US) and 167 radiographic examinations were collected and analysed according to(More)
As pointed out in Arbarello and Cornalba (J. Alg. Geom. 5 (1996), 705–749), a theorem due to Di Francesco, Itzykson, and Zuber (see Di Francesco, Itzykson, and Zuber, Commun. Math. Phys. 151 (1993), 193–219) should yield new relations among cohomology classes of the moduli space of pointed curves. The coefficients appearing in these new relations can be(More)