Gilberto Bernabé Cornejo-López

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BACKGROUND Pseudomyxoma peritonei is a disease characterized by an intraperitoneal adenomucinous tumor cell disemination, being cecal appendix the most common etiology. OBJECTIVE To report a surgeon's group experience and a detailed up to date literature review. CLINICAL CASES 1. A 74 year old woman with a history of four days with mesogastrium and(More)
OBJECTIVE Report of a case of spontaneous perforation of esophagus in a 70-year-old patient. BACKGROUND Boerhaave syndrome or spontaneous esophageal perforation is a life-threatening condition that demands early diagnosis and urgent management. Without surgical intervention, spontaneous perforation of esophagus is virtually incompatible with life. The(More)
Intestinal obstruction is one of the most frequently abdominal problems that concern general surgeons. One of the infrequent causes of mechanical obstruction is sclerosing encapsulating peritonitis (SEP); this entity causes intense fibrosis of the components in the peritoneal layer, resulting in adhesion of abdominal organs. SEP can be primary or secondary;(More)
INTRODUCTION Appendiceal diverticulosis is a rare entity, with a global incidence between 0.004% and 2.1% of all appendectomies. It has been related with an elevated risk of perforation in comparison to acute appendicitis, as well as an increased risk for synchronic appendicular cancer in 48% of the cases, and colonic cancer in 43%. The incidence of chronic(More)
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