Gilbert Yen-Po Lin

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In the last few years, a new type of glucose-sensitive hydrogel (GSH) has been developed that shrinks with increasing glucose concentration due to the formation of reversible crosslinks The first osmotic swelling pressure results measured for any member of this new class of GSH are reported, so that their suitability for use in sensors combining pressure(More)
We investigate thin films of "smart" polymer hydrogels used to convert miniature pressure sensors into novel chemomechanical sensors. In this versatile sensing approach, a smart hydrogel is confined between a porous membrane and the diaphragm of a piezoresistive pressure transducer. An increase in the environmental analyte concentration, as sensed through(More)
This report details the first experimental results from novel hydrogel sensor array (2 × 2) which incorporates analyte diffusion pores into a piezoresistive diaphragm for the detection of hydrogel swelling pressures and hence chemical concentrations. The sensor assembly was comprised of three components, the active four sensors, HPMA/DMA/TEGDMA(More)
The effects of anomalous dispersion (resonance) on multiple reflection of x rays and their interference in crystals at atomic absorption edges are studied. Intensity ratios of two inversion-symmetry-related multiple diffractions at or near absorption edges exhibit highly phase-sensitive profiles with strong asymmetric characteristics, unlike those far from(More)
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