Gilbert Skorski

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Virgin olive oil is made from diverse cultivars either mixed or single. Those ensure different tastes and typicity, and these may be also enhanced by the region of production of cultivars. The different olive oil labels correspond to their chemical composition and acidity. Labels also may correspond to a protected origin indication, and thus, such oils(More)
Currently, food regulatory authorities consider all Listeria monocytogenes isolates as equally virulent. However, an increasing number of studies demonstrate extensive variations in virulence and pathogenicity of L. monocytogenes strains. Up to now, there is no comprehensive overview of the population genetic structure of L. monocytogenes taking into(More)
The production of biosensors for point of care diagnostics usually requires the immobilisation and storage of protein (for example, antigen or antibody) on a sensor surface, in a manner that retains a high degree of activity and low levels of non-specific binding. These characteristics have been assessed for polymer immobilised antigens (allergens) using an(More)
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