Gilbert Robert

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We present an original system for locating and removing personally-identifying information in patient records. In this experiment, anonymization is seen as a particular case of knowledge extraction. We use natural language processing tools provided by the MEDTAG framework: a semantic lexicon specialized in medicine, and a toolkit for word-sense and(More)
In this paper we describe the construction of a part-of-speech tagger both for medical document retrieval purposes and XP extraction. Therefore we have designed a double system: for retrieval purposes, we rely on a rule-based architecture , called minimal commitment, which is likely to be completed by a data-driven tool (HMM) when full disambiguation is(More)
This article describes a set of initiatives in the domain if electronic dictionary distribution. Their basis is the DicoPro server, which enables secure access to dictionary data on a server. In the DicoEast and RERO projects, the goal is to acquire high-quality publisher data, convert it into numeric format, and provide access to dictionary entries for the(More)
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