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We present an original system for locating and removing personally-identifying information in patient records. In this experiment, anonymization is seen as a particular case of knowledge extraction. We use natural language processing tools provided by the MEDTAG framework: a semantic lexicon specialized in medicine, and a toolkit for word-sense and(More)
Cricket fielding often involves maximal acceleration to retrieve the ball. There has been no analysis of acceleration specific to cricketers, or for players who field primarily in the infield (closer to the pitch) or outfield (closer to the boundary). This study analyzed the first two steps of a 10-m sprint in experienced cricketers. Eighteen males (age =(More)
In this paper we describe the construction of a part-of-speech tagger both for medical document retrieval purposes and XP extraction. Therefore we have designed a double system: for retrieval purposes, we rely on a rule-based architecture , called minimal commitment, which is likely to be completed by a data-driven tool (HMM) when full disambiguation is(More)
This article describes a set of initiatives in the domain if electronic dictionary distribution. Their basis is the DicoPro server, which enables secure access to dictionary data on a server. In the DicoEast and RERO projects, the goal is to acquire high-quality publisher data, convert it into numeric format, and provide access to dictionary entries for the(More)
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