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The ATLAS Collaboration at CERN is preparing for the future data taking and analysis at LHC that will start in 2007. To validate its Computing Model, its complete software suite, its data model, and to ensure the correctness of the technical choices it has been decided to run series of so-called Data Challenges. In 2002 the main goals of these Data(More)
In preparation for first data at the LHC, a series of Data Challenges, of increasing scale and complexity, have been performed. Large quantities of simulated data have been produced on three different Grids, integrated into the ATLAS production system. During 2006, the emphasis moved towards providing stable continuous production, as is required in the(More)
The Large Hadron Collider at CERN will start data acquisition in 2007. The ATLAS (A Toroidal LHC Apparatus) experiment is preparing for the data handling and analysis via a series of Data Challenges and production exercises to validate its computing model and to provide useful samples of data for detector and physics studies. The last Data Challenge, begun(More)
In adult acquired hypogammaglobulinaemia multi focal granulomas have often been described and have regularly led to the hypothesis of an association with sarcoidosis. We present a case of this type in a man aged 29 who was a smoker with a hypoglobulinaemia involving IgG, IgA and IgM and which was discovered following pneumococcal pneumonias. He presented(More)
INTRODUCTION We report the apparently first description of bullous Kaposi's sarcoma in a patient with AIDS. CASE REPORT Kaposi's sarcoma was observed in a HIV positive homosexual who had developed AIDS. The delay between the development of Kaposi's sarcoma and the appearance of bullae was 6 months. Bullae occurred after oedema and necrosis of the(More)
The authors are reporting a case of papillary and cystic neoplasm of the pancreas. This rare malignant epithelial neoplasm occurs mostly in young women and has a more favorable prognosis than the adenocarcinoma. Radiologic investigations showed a well demarcated, heterogeneous, hypovascular mass. The histological study showed the proliferation of epithelial(More)
A case of intestinal pseudo-obstruction by amyloidosis, occurring after 20 years of dialysis in a 72-year-old woman is reported. Although acute intestinal complications of intestinal amyloidosis, such as ischemia, colonic obstruction or haemorrhage are well known, colonic pseudo-obstruction is more unusual. It gradually results in, it carries out an(More)
The authors report three cases of severe intestinal ischaemia occurring in young women (age 29-44), all of them being smokers. In all cases, intestinal ischaemia was recognized lately and lead to death within two years. The occlusive arterial lesions concerned nearly exclusively the intestinal arteries. Microscopic lesions were heterogeneous and(More)