Gilbert Postollec

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Deoxynivalenol (DON), a mycotoxin produced by some Fusarium species, is a frequent contaminant of cereal. In the present study, 24 weanling piglets received either control feed or feed naturally contaminated with DON (2.8 mg/kg) for four weeks. Consumption of contaminated feed significantly reduced the animal weight gain during the first week of the(More)
This study deals with the transfer of melamine from poultry feed to certain poultry products, such as eggs and meat destined for human consumption. The tested amounts were, respectively, 50 and 500 mg of melamine/kg of feed. The addition of melamine had no significant effect on feed consumption and egg production. However, melamine appeared in the eggs as(More)
The current study describes the pharmacokinetic parameters of two carboxylic polyether ionophores: monensin in turkeys and salinomycin in chickens. These data can be used to understand and predict the occurrence of undesirable residues of coccidiostats in edible tissues of these animal species. Special attention is paid to the distribution of residues(More)
Carcass traits and meat quality of rabbits reared in conventional cages (0.385 m2), small pens (0.662 m2) or large pens (4.052 m2) at a similar stock density of 15 rabbits/m2 were compared (n = 30 per group). Pens contained an elevated platform. Slaughter weight (SW; P < 0.01) and cold carcass weight (P < 0.05) decreased in the order of Cage < Small pen <(More)
The objective of this study was to measure the effects of chronic exposure to fumonisins via the ingestion of feed containing naturally contaminated corn in growing pigs infected or not with Salmonella spp. This exposure to a moderate dietary concentration of fumonisins (11.8 ppm) was sufficient to induce a biological effect in pigs (Sa/So ratio), but no(More)
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