Gilbert K. Krulee

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(nouns) in natural language passages. The other class, denoted Q> , consists of words that are logical connectives: most of them are conjunc­ tions which, in traditional grammar, connect sen­ tences. The relational operators, g' , bind sentences into larger semantic units. This paper describes a system for "remember­ ing" a story or passage in English and(More)
In what follows, we want to describe a system for the automatic abstracting of textual material. In designing the system, major theoretical questions have arisen not unlike those that arise in dealing with any natural language system. In addition, we want to describe some proposed revisions which have important theoretical implications and which should lead(More)
  • Technician—Phase, Larin K. Adam, +4 authors Brandi M. Williamson
  • 2007
The Transportation Center at Northwestern University is under grant from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to perform a job task analysis (JTA) of the aviation maintenance technician (AMT). The objective of this research is to update a similar analysis, the Allen Study, performed in 1974 by The University of California, Los Angeles. The Allen Study(More)
A system has been developed to process certain types of linear programming problems stated initially in English. The problem statements are restricted to a prescribed grammar, with limited vocabulary, and subject to certain conventions [5]. In some respects, it resembles other systems which also accept problem statements in English. For example, BASEBALL(More)